Monday, April 5, 2010

New Hairstyles - New Haircuts

Crew cut is a cool hairstyles for short hair when you your hair is short at the crown of the head and longer on the top of your head.There is no rule of what length you hair should be the only problem is your hair it should be longer on top.This short hairstyles crew cut was first used by the US army military men because its easy to get and maintain.IF you have this haircut you can have other cool hairstyles from that some of the most cool variations on this style like the flat top, the buzz, and the butch.The crew cut men hairstyles its also very used by football player or any other sports.Now in 2010 the crew cut its not very used like in the past but its still very cool and practical, check the photos of crew cuts by Ricky Martin or Sam Worthington from Avatar:

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